Courtney Love Has Some Dating Advice For Kesha

Spencer Cain

Last night, Courtney Love spent a few hours browsing Rolling Stone‘s website and was relatively impressed. While looking their 2011 photo retrospective, I’m guessing she came across this glamour shot of Ke$ha (it genuinely pained me to use that dollar sign), and was propelled to check out her Twitter.

Apparently, someone random made some mention of Ke$ha being a fan of male groupies, and Courtney immediately had something to say. The iconic Miss Love tweeted, “ive just tried the male groupie thing it blew for me, hey maybe keesh is more butch than me!”

As usual, it’s sort of tricky to decipher what exactly Courtney means here, but I’m pretty sure she’s offering up some warped dating advice to Ke$ha. While Courtney has not remarried or had many noteworthy relationships since the death of her late husband Kurt Cobain, my guess is she’s certainly had her share of, er, partners. So, basically she’s qualified to answer this question.

And frankly, I couldn’t agree more. The only thing worse than female groupies are male groupies! Male gold diggers are absolutely vile, and Miss Kesh doesn’t need to get herself tied up in any of that complicated mumbo jumbo. But hey, to each her own, and as Courtney said, maybe Ke$ha is a little more both than the rest of us (still unclear as to the meaning of this, but whatever…).