Courtney Love Fashion Blogger? Daisy Lowe Is A Designer

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Thanks Diesel, we’re suckers for an awesome Clueless quote.

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Insane in the membrane that she looks that gorgeous pre-beauty routine.
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RT @ Oh_So_Coco Fashion DO of the day: DO match your car to your husbands shirt –
Aw, newlyweds are so cute.
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MissKellyO thank you all so much for your support but the matter is private and will not be commenting enough damage has already be done!
Update: Kelly and her bf broke up. Props for refusing to comment via Twitter, classy Ms.Osborne. Daddy would be proud.

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Courtney Love. Photo: Tim Mosenfelder, Getty Images

Consider this a public service announcement. Courtney Love started a personal fashion blog, What Courtney Wore Today. Watch out Rumi!

Rock star progeny and model Daisy Lowe is taking her fashion cred one step further and designing a flirty line for French fast-fashion chain Morgan. (WWD, subscription required)

In case vajazzling felt too gauche for you, spas are now offering Beauty Ink, temporary tats for yours and your bfs eyes only. Unless you’re a show-off that is. (Glamour-The Girls in the Beauty Department)

Handbag snobs take note, Christie’s is set to auction off 36 Herms Kelly bags and 27 Birkins in London today. (New York Observer)

Sarah Palin is responding to her daughter’s pending nuptials to Playmate model and hockey enthusiast Levi Johnston, saying “Bristol believes in redemption and forgiveness to a degree most of us struggle to put in practice in our daily lives.” How diplomatic? (Perez Hilton)

We know you’ve worked yourself into a frenzy wondering who Madonna and Lourdes’ secret celeb muse for the Material Girl collection is and it’s…drum roll please…Taylor Momsen. (Boy Culture)

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