Courteney Cox Just Reacted to Rumors About Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt Being in ‘Love’

Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston
Photo: Shutterstock.

The one where Courteney Cox reacts to Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt dating rumors a.k.a. what we thought would never happen. As we know, Jen and Brad reunited at the 2020 SAG Awards on Sunday, Jan. 20, where they both won awards and held hands for a split second. After their reunion, fans took to Twitter to share photos of the former couple at the awards show and speculate about their ~secret~ relationship.

“They still love each other, no doubt,” one fan wrote under a photo of Brad watching Jen accept her SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series for her role in AppleTV+’s The Morning Show. Here’s where it becomes interesting: There were more than 100 people who liked the tweet, and among them was none other than Jen’s BFF Courteney.

Around the same time as this discovery, a source told HollywoodLife that Courteney supports Jen in whatever she decides with Brad. “Courteney’s thrilled to see Jen and Brad on such great terms. But more than that, she loves seeing her best friend so happy. Jen is having a moment and it’s only natural Courteney is cheering her on,” the insider said. “It’s not about romance, it doesn’t have to be about that to be meaningful. This is about real friendship. Courteney thinks it’s a beautiful thing that they can still see and appreciate the good in each other.”

A second source explained that Courteney simply wants her best friend to be happy, which is why she approves of a friendship with Brad. “Courteney and Jen are best friends and they love seeing each other happy. They have both been through it all when it comes to relationships and they confide in each other constantly. Court knows how important Brad was to Jen,” the insider said. “Court thinks Brad is a wonderful guy and the fact that Brad and Jen are friends again makes Courteney really happy because she knows that it makes Jen happy. Talk about a win win situation, that is what is happening here in Courteney’s eyes.”

Of course, there are many fans who disapprove of a romantic reunion between Brad and Jen. After their SAG Awards reunion, many Twitter users reminded shippers of the reason behind Jen and Brad’s  2005 divorce. Though no one knows for sure, many speculate that Brad left Jen for Angelina Jolie, whom he met on the set of 2005’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith. (The movie came out a few months after Brad and Jen’s divorce.)

“What kind of friend is @CourteneyCox to be encouraging her “friend” to go back to a man, who dumped her & said she was so boring he turned to drugs?? GTFOH!” one fan tweeted.

So far, Brad and Jen haven’t said anything about their relationship, so it’s best to assume they’re just friends, which we—and Courteney—can get down with.