Courteney Cox Re-Created a ‘Friends’ Scene on Instagram & It’s the ’90s All Over Again

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The one where Monica Geller visits her old apartment! This sitcom star is giving us ~all the feels~ with her latest Instagram. Courteney Cox shared a Friends apartment parody video on social media today, and it is honestly the perfect #throwbackthursday. Cox starred on Friends as the charmingly neurotic cook, Monica Geller, for 10 seasons. She got into all kinds of hilarious situations including dorky fights with her equally nerdy but lovable brother, Ross. She had a friend affair with Chandler that turned into true love (they don’t know we know they know). And she even rocked an lewk when faced with extreme humidity in “The One in Barbados.” But the best Monica moments took place in the coffee shop—Central Perk—and her classic (rent-stabilized) apartment. In fact, one of the best episodes was “The One Where No One’s Ready,” because they literally never left the walls of Monica’s apartment.

Cox treated fans to a special surprise when she showed up at the New York City building that was the used as the exterior of her character’s home. (Granted—the show was filmed on a sound stage, but the exterior pan-up of the building, which was often used as a transition in the show when the gang was in the apartment, is real! You can actually go on a Friends city tour just FYI). Cox visited the apartment building in the West Village and shared an Instagram video writing, “The One Where My Rent Went Up $12,000
#friends #mollymcnearney #missthosedays”

We miss those days too, Courteney! Honestly, how many times do you think people have rewatched the hit show on Netflix? It is life-changing for so many reasons and beyond quotable. We’re pretty sure anytime anyone moves, the “PIVOT” scene comes to mind.


Or a little friendly/no-so-friendly game of “touch” football!


friends football Courteney Cox Re Created a Friends Scene on Instagram & Its the 90s All Over Again


And speaking of the adorkable moments between Ross and Monica… who could forget…the routine!


This gang was the dream team:


Thank you to Courteney Cox for allowing us to indulge in a Friends memory—truly the leader in the golden age of sitcoms, amiright?