Celebrity Couples We’d Like to See in 2010


We watch with baited breath as celebrities get together, break up, marry, divorce, and then get back together again. And of course, we always have our own takes on the situation. Don’t pretend you haven’t wanted to play matchmaker with every good looking celebrity that appears on the red carpet. While any onlooker would love to be hand-in-hand with their celebrity crush, we still wish them the best in love. So, with the best of intentions, here is our celeb couple wish list for 2010:

1. Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler (above)

Rumors swirled during the summer of 2009 that the Scottish actor and America’s favorite “Friend” were getting together while filming the movie, The Bounty Hunter. It all started with a friendly bout of hand-holding and skyrocketed from there. While the two actors maintained that no such relationship existed, it didn’t stop people from looking on and sighing. Don’t they look great together?

2. Jessica Simpson and Alex Rodriguez

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She’s an all-American girl, so why shouldn’t she date a baseball sports star? Simpson has not had the best of luck dating within the music industry; both romances with John Mayer and Nick Lachey failed. She tried her luck with sports too, dating football stud Tony Romo, but we all know how that ended. Maybe it’s just that she hasn’t found the right sport to dabble in. Enter, Alex Rodriguez. Baseball may be more of Simpson’s thing, and A-Rod definitely has the hots for blondes.

3. Adrian Grenier and Hayden Panettiere
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These two would not only look great walking the red carpet together, but we think they’d get along as well. Grenier wouldn’t be the first Adrian that Hayden has dated. The Heroes star has been previously linked to co-star Adrian Pasdar — maybe it’s time for a new Adrian in her life. Not to mention they are linked by a common cause; both are advocates for the green movement. Adrian will be starring in the soon-to-come television series, The Green Life, documenting how to live a more eco-friendly life. Meanwhile, Hayden attended the Obama’s Green Inaugural Ball: Maximum Celebration, Minimum Impact. Heroes meets Entourage…it would be one hell of a joint cast party!

4. Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson

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The on-again-off-again couple called it quits in April of 2009, but fans are still heartbroken. While Kate Hudson rebounded briefly with Yankees star Alex Rodriguez at the end of the year, it just wasn’t the same. The Wilson-Hudson duo had charm, humor, and attraction that made us adore them. It may be over for now, but we have our fingers crossed that this year will be the year for Kate and Owen to rekindle the flame.

5. Chace Crawford and Ashley Greene
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Rumors have been swirling all year about Chace Crawford and Ashley Greene. While the duo have maintained a firm stance as being “just friends,” the paparazzi captured Chace and Ashley in full embrace in August 2009. We’ve seen them in classic “couples pictures,” complete with arms around one another, or Ashley sitting on Chace’s lap, so why are they still in denial? We are hoping that 2010 will be the year that Ashley and Chace come out and make their romance official.

6. Keira Knightley and Jonathan Rhys Meyers
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The duo starred opposite each other in the 2002 flick Bend it Like Beckham as one-time lovers who still have a soft spot for each other. But maybe, despite being scripted otherwise, there is something more between them. As huge fans of the film, we must admit that we were rooting for Keira and Jonathan to end up together all along, and we haven’t given up hope. Perhaps their romance is made for real life rather than the silver screen.

7. Miley Cyrus and Joe Jonas
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As the two reigning leaders of the tween-scene, it seems to be written in the stars that these two should be together. Rumors have been spewing forever of Miley dating at least one of the Jonas brothers, and we think Joe would be the best match. Joe needs a new leading lady anyway, and Miley needs to start seeing boys her own age. We can only imagine the pop charts hit that would ensue if these two did a love song duet.

8. Megan Fox and Sam Worthington

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The newest hottie to grace the red carpet, Avatar‘s Sam Worthington is charming and hunky with an athletic build — just the type of guy we would like to see with Transformer‘s action starlet, Megan Fox. We know they at least have one thing in common; both have assisted in saving a civilization onscreen.

9. Taylor Swift and Hunter Parrish
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After her recent split from Taylor Lautner, it’s time for Taylor Swift to find someone more suitable. Someone who is as charming and good looking as she is. Someone like Weeds star Hunter Parrish. The two twenty-somethings would not only look great together, but the combination of Taylor’s good girl image and Hunter’s more adventurous attitude may be the perfect balance.

10. Cameron Diaz and George Clooney
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While Clooney is notorious for his playboy ways, he may just need somebody as wild as he is to keep him occupied. Someone like the free-spirited Cameron Diaz would be perfect. It’s all about being with someone who can make you laugh, and with Diaz’s innate ability to poke fun at herself, she may be just what Clooney is looking for.