Country Boy Meets Hollywood


Channing Tatum could easily be dismissed as just a pretty face; a cookie-cutter movie-studio-manufactured stud. Despite a slightly disjointed career thus far, his brooding presence on the cover of this month’s G.Q. signals of his official arrival to Hollywood. Tatum sat down with the men’s mag to reflect upon the last ten years, his varying degrees of employment within them, and how he made it to where he is today (which in case you didn’t know, includes being rich, fit, and married to the love of his life).
College drop-out, department store perfume spritzer, construction worker, mortgage broker and…stripper, to major movie star (that’s a pretty full resume), StyleCaster takes a look back on our top fave moments in his wild career ride, so far.


Tatum was inducted into the upper echelons of (teen) male modeling in the Bruce Weber-shot campaign.Unfortunately here, fully-clothed.


Begins shooting higher-end fashion campaigns; Nautica, Dolce & Gabbana, and Emporio Armani.

Revving his engine and his career with a national commercial gig.

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Tatum channels sea anemones, shaking his bon-bon as an underwater partyer dressed in tribal garb.


In Step Up, Tatum flaunts his fine hip-hop form and seemingly 26-pack abs.


As angry, anguished Antonio, Tatum flexed both his muscles and his acting chops in the critically-acclaimed A Guide to Recgonizing Your Saints. A.O. Scott, film critic at the New York Times, said: “Mr. Tatum, who has the bullish physicality of a young Brando, is an electrifying actor, and I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more of him after this breakout performance.”


G.I.= G.Q. The newly-married man has arrived.

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