Which Countries Have the Most Vacation Days?

Leah Bourne

casa marina key west best family beach vacation in florida Which Countries Have the Most Vacation Days?Fresh from celebrating July 4 weekend, you are probably thinking to yourself, “If only I had a couple of extra days!” Well, if you lived in Russia, you probably would. According to a survey released by online reservations site Hotels.com that surveyed 30 countries, Russians enjoy twice as much vacation time as Americans–on average 40 days off throughout the year. The US gets 20 days off a year. Feeling bad for yourself? Canadians are entitled on average to just 15 days of vacation time, while Mexicans get 13 days off, and came in last on the list.
Here, the top 10 countries that enjoy the most time off (days off total includes both annual leave and public holidays):
1. Russia 40 days off
2. Italy 36
2. Sweden 36
4. Finland 35
4. France 35
4. Norway 35
4. Brazil 35
8. Denmark 34
8. Spain 34
10. Colombia 33
Share your thoughts in the comments! How much vacation time is the right amount? 

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