It Costs $200,000 Per Year To Be a New York City Socialite

Leah Bourne

Being a New York City socialite comes with a very real price. In a recent New York Times piece “What Price Generosity?” it became very clear just how expensive being a dominant figure in the social center of the world is.
Alexandra Lebenthal, President and CEO of Lebenthal & Company, and a regular at charity galas around town shared: “Being social is definitely an expensive proposition if you want to go full boat.”
So what exactly is costing so much money? Women on the charity circuit in New York City often go to two or three events each week, and at least five big-ticket parties a season—at places like the Waldorf-Astoria or Cipriani 42nd Street. There is the dress to buy (which you’ll be photographed in), hair and makeup, the car service, and even a publicist to hire to make sure you are spotted at the right events around town. There are also tickets to the charity events to be bought (supposedly the point of it all) which can cost up to $5,000.
In other words, only very big wallets should even attempt to give it a go. Here, the cost breakdown that will leave your head spinning.
The Cost Breakdown For a New York City Socialite
Annual Wardrobe Tab: $100,000 for gowns that cost between $5,000 to $20,000 from labels including Chanel and Lanvin
Charity Gala Tickets: Up to $5,000 ($100,000 for a prime table)
Hair and Makeup: $240 to $500 for a private hair and makeup session with Vênsette or Alexa Rodulfo
Private Trainer: $450 a week for a personal trainer at AKT in Motion
Publicist: $5,000 to $10,000 per month
Car Service: $400 per night
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