Cosmetic Denim: New Jeans Designed To Fight Cellulite, Weight Gain, Sagging, Dry Skin

Emily Barnes
 Cosmetic Denim: New Jeans Designed To Fight Cellulite, Weight Gain, Sagging, Dry Skin

A look from Wrangler’s Denim Spa Therapy for Legs collection.

It looks like the newest beauty trend isn’t targeting your face or your hair, but rather your … jeans. According to WWD, certain denim brands have altered their construction to include techniques to combat wrinkling, sagging, cellulite, dry skin and weight gain.

Mohicano Jeans, a Chilean-based brand, recently launched its collection called Denim Therapy, which has aloe vera in the cotton fibers of the denim. The aloe emits vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and antioxidants that together can reduce cellulite and stretch marks. Mohicano brand manager Ricardo Cuevas said that this magical combination of components “stimulate cell growth, collagen and elastin.” The list of perks continues even further: The jeans are hypoallergenic, odor deterring, and reportedly increase skin’s hydration. The only hitch: After 40 washes the aloe vera infused into the cotton will no longer be active.

Wrangler jeans are also hopping on the leg therapy trend. Its new collection, Denim Spa Therapy for Legs, offers similar results to Mohicano’s jeans. Each pair is infused with anticellulite components and moisturizers, with the desired result that skin will feels softer and look better after wearing these jeans. Still skeptical? The Wrangler collection was tested in a trial with 160 women and, “Two-thirds said their thighs were more attractive after four weeks with everyday wear,” Adam Kakembo, vice president of the product, stated.

While two-thirds is a number significant enough to start giving these jeans some thought, committing to wearing the same pair of pants every day could give consumers pause.

In terms of pricing, Mohicano jeans will run about $85, while the Wrangler’s are a bit more costly at roughly $130.50 at current exchange. For a full outline of brands that are delving into this new age of therapeutic/vanity denim, check out WWD.

Photo via WWD