These Memes Are Making Social Distancing Just a Little Easier

Phone Memes
Photo: Image Getty Images. Designer: Allison Kahler.

As social distancing measures expand around the world, the gravity of it all becomes clearer by the day. Of course, this means we should all be taking necessary precautions—whether that’s quarantining or supporting those in need during these uncertain times. It can also mean enjoying these coronavirus memes, because in times like these, a wry joke can be just the boost our hearts need.

Let’s even venture to say that a good meme can be the difference between making the most of quarantine or whittling away your days by worrying over an overwhelming situation. The latter doesn’t feel all too good, and let’s be real—stress and worry don’t do wonders for your health, in general. It’s all the more reason to clear your mind with a laugh (or two, or three;  you get the gist). Whether that’s a good comedy on Netflix, or the internet’s brilliant stockpile of Twitter comedians.

If you’re lucky enough to be healthy at home, let yourself enjoy these memes below. We promise there are no celebrity singalongs here. Only hilarious offerings like user @MNateShyamalan’s now-viral tweet, that affirms every reason why you’re staying at home in the first place.

“‘i can’t go because of coronavirus’ – whiny – boring – weak,” it reads, versus, “‘i’ve sworn an oath of solitude til the blight is purged from these lands’- heroic, valiant – they will assume you have a sword – impossible to check if you really have a sword because of coronavirus.”

As such—read on and carry on, dear social distancer!

For the introvert

For the early-2000s pop lover

For the subway commuter

For the color theorist

For the Frozen fans

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