32 Genius Things to Make With Your Old Magazines

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32 Genius Things to Make With Your Old Magazines
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Raise your hand if you’re a magazine hoarder who has stacks upon stacks laying around your house without any idea about what to do with the old issues you can’t seem to part with. Alright, solidarity! If you’ve been hanging on to back issues of Vogue, Domino, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vanity Fair, only to realize they’re basically collecting dust—why not upcycle them into something that’s actually useful?

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Pinterest, of course, is a wealth of genius DIY information, so we’ve compiled 30 of the coolest things you can make with old magazines. Whether it’s a a set of notecards or a chic print for your gallery wall, read on.

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Originally published June 2016. Updated March 2017.


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3-D art will make your old mags have a new purpose—and will make your walls totally unique.

Photo: Pinterest/Britani Williamson

One way to decorate your nails is with the words of magazines you have sitting around.

Photo: Pinterest/Buzzfeed

Garlands are all the rage right now, so instead of using regular colored paper, try cutting up your favorite Chanel advertisements and putting your own twist on this home decor trend.

Photo: Pinterest/Buzzfeed DIY

If you aren't crazy about this idea of cutting up your sacred magazine pages, try piling them and belting them together to make your own stool.

Photo: Pinterest/Aileen Allen

Here's a cool new way to spice up any gift with magazines you already have at home.

Photo: Pinterest/Monica Orozco

If you're looking for a unique way to send some snail mail, creating an envelope from old magazine pages is one way to do it.

Photo: Pinterest/Tait Portes

One way to spice up the typical gallery wall is to use hangers to display your favorite issues. Best part is they're totally still readable.

Photo: Pinterest/Olga A

Nothing is more boring that getting a letter in a plain white envelope. Spice things up with your old Teen Vogue issues.

Photo: Pinterest/Skinner Poet

Make your home warm and welcoming with a "Live, Laugh, Love" display made from magazine pages in your living room.

Photo: Pinterest/Anna Uecker

Having a party? Decorate your cupcakes with magazine clipping cake toppers instead of the typical sprinkles.

Photo: Pinterest/Emily Leary

The coolest clock ever? This one made from rolled up old magazine pages, for sure.

Photo: Pinterest/Megan Cook

Cut up those old Vogue pages and turn them into a floral centerpiece.

Photo: Pinterest/HGTV

Make some abstract art with your favorite old magazine advertisements and hang them on your gallery wall.

Photo: Pinterest/Small Things With Love

Looking to decorate your tables? A magazine page floral arrangement is the way to go.

Photo: Pinterest/Porter Square Books

One way to keep your wall looking interesting is to create your own art with old magazines. Hey, if you get good at it, maybe you can sell them!

Photo: Pinterest/Samantha K

Remind yourself to have "Sweet Dreams" every night by cutting letters out of magazine pages and taping them on the wall.

Photo: Pinterest/Renee Home

It only makes sense to make something wearable and fashionable from old fashion pages.

Photo: Pinterest/Laura Hudson

How annoying is it whenn your boots won't stand up straight in the closet? Here's one solution.

Photo: Pinterest/Hannah Howlett

If you're more of a nature lover and can keep a plant alive, why not give it a cool place to live?

Photo: Pinterest/Surviving College

Get wrapping with this creative way to give anyone a gift.

Photo: Pinterest/Jane Means

Turning your old mags into ornaments for outfoor parties or holidays is a sure way to keep things interesting. Photo: Marc Montano

Having a girls night in? Spice up your wine glasses like this.

Photo: Pinterest/Cindy Green

Wrap up your best friend's birthday gift with a huge bow made from your old Marie Claire issues.

Photo: Pinterest/Buzzfeed DIY

Let's be honest—furniture can be expensive. Instead of dropping $100 on a new side table, stack your magazines like this.

Photo: Pinterest/TheJunk Wave

Cut your favorite magazine pages into flowers and put them together on a wreath this holiday season.

Photo: Pinterest/Maryna Badenhorst

Have a fashionable friend who's having a birthday? Top their gift off with this old magazine page bow.

Photo: Pinterest/cammie

Why buy a trash bin when you can make one of your own from your old magazines?

Photo: Pinterest/Amanda Schaecher

If you're wearing a simple outfit, accessorize with your original envelope clutch made from your favorite magazine editorials.

Photo: Pinterest/Isla Brooklyn

If you're looking for an innovative way to store your bracelets, you're welcome.

Photo: Pinterest/Rachel Miller

Have some really old magazines? Make a vintage magazine gallery wall in your home.

Photo: Pinterest/Rachel Miller

Awesome coasters are just a few rolled-up magazines away.


A magazine waste basket? Genius!

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