Cool Room Designs: Stylish Bachelor Pad Inspiration

Alexandra Pauly
Cool Room Designs: Stylish Bachelor Pad Inspiration
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Not all bachelor pads are created equal—there is a major difference between a living room with a 20-year-old Ikea couch and a box as a coffee table, and one with a chic Chesterfield sofa and end-table featuring its own whiskey bar.
With that in mind, here is some inspiration for you bachelors out there looking to take your decor up a notch (or two).
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Looking for some stylish bachelor pad inspiration? Look no further.

Black leather furniture and a muted color palatte make for a tough, masculine feel in this room.

Via Drew Ah Mai


Black and white décor paired with hardwood floors give an otherwise modern room a rustic touch.

Via Lindsey Meyl


This masculine room isn't afraid of feeling "decorated" thanks to a cool candelabra, old art, and architectural vases.

Via The Post Social


To give bare walls some flair, try hanging up some taxidermy, like in this room. Real or fake works!

Via Rosalie Biddle


If you don't have space for a dining area, bar stools against a kitchen island are a casual alternative, and perfect for a bechelor pad.

Via Emily Weinstein


No bachelor pad is complete without a well kept bar. Set up a tray with a few glasses, coasters, and stirrers and place it on a side table in your living room to get this look.

Via Morgan Satterfield


Any room can multitask as a library with a few wall-length bookshelves. 

Via Angela


Pop art, exposed brick walls, and minimal furnishings give a bedroom an industrial yet luxe feel.

Via Devon Barnhard


Organize an entire wardrobe with wall cubbies, shelves, and drawers to create the perfect gentleman's closet.

Via Noelle de la Rosa


Turn a media center into a library and closet with a few strategically placed shelves.

Via Jasper


Slate walls and silver accents keep a bathroom looking polished but bachelor pad-worthy.

Via Rosa Ventimiglia


Framed vintage posters are the perfect addition to a bachelor pad.

Via Eleven Interiors


Neutral colors keep small rooms looking spacious (and perfectly masculine). 

Via Gerry Reed


A leather Chesterfield sofa in a dark cognac leather is the perfect centerpiece for a guy's guy living room.

Via Merky


Dark wood and navy blue are a rich combination for any room.

Via Sania Smiles


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