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Photo: Courtesy of Mejuri

It’s been a few years since the ring-stacking craze went full-on mainstream, so we’re guessing that by now, you’ve got your delicate, wear-with-anything bands on lock. And though we’re not about to announce that the pendulum is swinging back into bib-necklace and faux-cocktail ring territory (and thank goodness for that), there’s no shame in ditching minimalism in exchange for a little flash.

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The first place to start: your fingers. (We figure it’s easiest to get creative with your jewelry when you’ve got ten open spots, you know?) We found 21 cool rings that toe the line between dainty and major-impact—and they’re perfectly Instagram-feed ready. Our favorites from under-the-radar brands like Satomi Kawakita, Vrai & Oro, and Mociun below.

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I Like It Here Club Coven Ring with Ruby, $380; at Local Eclectic

Photo: I Like It Here Club

Winden Babe Ring, $65; at Lou & Grey

Photo: Winden

Mociun Luna Clustger Ring, $2.830; at Mociun

Photo: Mociun

Mejuri Black Pearl Ring, $149; at Mejuri

Photo: Mejuri

Laura Lombardi Este Ring, $60; at Laura Lombardi

Photo: Laura Lombardi

Anna Sheffield Theda Ring, $6.925; at Anna Sheffield

Photo: Anna Sheffield

Madewell Gildstrand Ring, $18; at Madewell

Photo: Madewell

Satomi Kawakita Ring, $495; at Satomi Kawakita

Photo: Satomi Kawakita Jewelry

Aldo Edysien Multipack Rings, $17; at ASOS

Photo: Aldo

Selin Kent Nikita Ring with Emerald, $850; at Selin Kent

Photo: Selin Kent

Vale Jewelry 14K Skinny Signet Ring, $425; at Vale Jewelry

Photo: Vale Jewelry

Topshop V Pack Rings, $18; at Topshop

Photo: Topshop

Suspended Arc Ring, $409; at WWake

Photo: WWake

Blanca Monros Gomez Thick Wavy Band, $450; at Blanca Monros Gomez

Photo: Blanca Monros Gomez

Urban Outfitters Gemstone Ring Pack, $24; at Urban Outfitters

Photo: Urban Outfitters

WWake Opal and Diamond Crossover Ring, $750; at Catbird

Photo: WWake

Vrai & Oro Square Black Diamond Stacker, $240; at Vrai & Oro

Photo: Vrai & Oro

In God We Trust Spacer Ring in Silver, $100; IGWT

Photo: IGWT

Consider the Wldflwrs Adjustable Cuff Ring, $30; at Consider the Wldflwrs

Photo: Consider the Wldflwrs

Adina Reyter Y Gold Pave Ring, $398; at Club Monaco

Photo: Adina Reyter

Tarin Thomas Charlie Ring, $198; at Tarin Thomas

Photo: Tarin Thomas

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