12 Cool Lamps, Sconces, and Pendants That Plug Right into the Wall


As a renter, it can be frustrating, annoying, and downright soul-crushing to witness the rampant home decor porn on Pinterest, Instagram, and design blogs. That’s especially true with lighting—it sucks to see cool lamps, pendants, and sconces that can literally change the look of a room but that require an electrician to hardwire the fixture into the ceiling.

But! There is a short-term solution in the form of plug-in lighting. Even better, the options in stores right now aren’t nearly as clunky as they once were. In fact, many come with super-thin cords that are barely noticeable, or cords that are meant to be part of the design.

Not sold? Here are 12 cool lamps to buy now—no electrician required.

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