15 Gorgeous Fireplaces That Will Make You Want to Stay in Tonight

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FOGO—or Fear of Going Out—isn’t a new phenomenon, but it’s much easier to be the FOGO type when temps cool. Instead of fumbling around for excuses about why I just can’t drag myself onto the subway to Manhattan on a Saturday, all I have to do is check the temperature and send a frozen snowman emoji and a link to the excellent New Yorker “Let’s Get Drinks” parody. (What? It never gets old!) My friends are usually a little relieved to be let off the hook, anyway—this is why we’re friends.

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But whether or not you have natural FOGO tendencies, there’s no debating that making your home as cozy as possible during the winter makes staying in for days on end a little more fun and easier to bear. (Hey, even FOGO types get cabin fever by March.) And while, unfortunately, fireplaces aren’t exactly something you can easily add to your space if they aren’t already built in, there are plenty of other things you can do to add atmosphere—from creating a cozy reading nook to decorating with rich colors and non-cheesy festive, seasonal touches. In the meantime, feel free to get in a snuggly mood by ogling these stunning, often modern and chic fireplaces.

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