The Best Cooking for One Cookbooks For Tasty Single-Serving Meals

Mia Maguire
The Best Cooking for One Cookbooks For Tasty Single-Serving Meals
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Whether you’re a beginner or a bona fine master in the kitchen, if you’re single or simply live by yourself cooking delicious meals can be a major challenge—at least if you’re averse to left-overs or wasting food. The majority of recipes out there are tailored to feeding an entire family, or at least for two individuals. But cooking for just yourself is not only essential for well, survival (at least if you’re looking to avoid spending your savings on nightly takeout orders) but it can also be a fun way to channel your creativity, learn new skills, and experiment with new flavors and food groups.

In fact, when you get to cook for you—and only you—you don’t have to worry about other people’s culinary preferences, dietary restrictions, or the task of having to figure out what to do with a massive amount of leftovers (and likely, wasted ingredients). I mean, it’s kind of the best. Fortunately, there are plenty of single-serving cookbooks designed just for one-person meals, with recipes that cater to small batch servings and minimal ingredients. Ahead, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites.

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1. The Ultimate Cooking for One Cookbook

cooking for one amazon The Best Cooking for One Cookbooks For Tasty Single Serving Meals


From the website One Dish Kitchen, author Joanie Zisk offers one-hundred and seventy-five single-serving recipes that are delicious, simple, and fun to make whether you’re solo or with a friend. Along with the recipes, this book also features easy tips and tricks on how to cut down on food waste and save money in the process.

2. Cooking for One: Over 100 Delicious & Easy Meals Created for One Person

Cooking FOr One Cookbook


Kimberly Stevens’ comprehensive cookbook is chock full of perfectly-sized recipes that are satisfying, appropriately portioned and fun to make. Each of the recipes is designed to made and eaten by just one person, and the book includes vegetarian and dessert recipes as well. Some of the recipes include filet mignon, chocolate souffle and tuna poke bowls.

3. The Cooking for One Cookbook: 100 Easy Recipes

The Cooking For One Cookbook


This cookbook is filled to the brim with innovative recipes for one, with the overall goal to help solo chefs and singles “expand your solo recipe repertoire.” Aside from these perfectly-sized recipes, the book also offers advice on how to shop smarter to help you save money on groceries and reduce waste in the process. The book offers contemporary meal recipes for vegetarians, vegans, and carnivores alike.

4. The Keto For One Cookbook


The Keto For One Cookbook

Fair Winds Press.

Learn how to live a low-carb lifestyle with this cookbook. Keto dishes are usually low-carb and high-fat—with a normal amount of protein. This cookbook promises that you won’t have any leftovers, and you’ll be able to follow the keto diet with this recipe book. It includes everything from skillet stir-fry to smoothies, so you’ll have plenty of tasty options.

5. Gourmet Cooking for One or Two


Gourmet Cooking for One or Two

Page Street Press.

If you aren’t a fan of leftovers, you should pick up this cookbook. This cookbook aims to give you recipes you’ll love in single or two-person sizes. These recipes can be made in one pan or whipped up in as little as 30 minutes. You’ll learn to make everything from an Arugula Prosciutto Salad to a Steak House Dinner. These meals will make every dinner a little special.