Congratulations Shopbop, Online Clothing Sales Have Doubled

Kerry Pieri

Over a third of consumers have bought clothes online in the last year, the Telegraph is reporting, and sales over the Internet have gone up 152% in the last five years. That’s, like, a lot.

Phillip Rinn, senior director of advertising at eBay International, told the newspaper, “At a time when recent figures highlight wider retail sales have seen their worst monthly decline in 15 years, the increase in online retail revenue is particularly impressive and shows that at a time when belt tightening was expected across the board, online continues to buck the trend.” So, people kind of think of spending money online as not really spending money? I definitely get that emotion.

Additionally, wider use of computers in the home has helped contribute to the rise, with reports of “the number of households with broadband Internet connections climbing from below 50 per cent five years ago to 75 per cent last year,” per the study.

So much for people who said no one would buy clothes online because consumers would miss that tactile shopping experience. Everyone must have underestimated how annoying people working on commission can be.

Photo: Shopbop

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