The @CondeElevator Tweeter Is About To Be In HUGE Trouble


Most of the time fashion gossip is all in fun (albeit slightly catty), but when the news and Cond Nast headquarters get involved, things start getting rather ugly. The corporation behind Vogue, Vanity Fair and Glamour’s glossy facade understandably has a ton of people curious about its inner workings, and the Twitter account that purports to know everything that goes on behind closed doors, @CondeElevator, has racked up almost 43,000 followers in less than a week.

Those in charge at Cond are none too pleased about the ridicule (satire?) concerning their company that’s taking over the Internet, and according to ABC News, they’re on a hunt to find the person responsible. A spokeswoman told ABC:

“We have no idea if this is real or made up and don’t know who is behind it but it certainly suggests that many people care a great deal about what happens at Cond Nast. We are still looking into it, so I don’t know what will or won’t happen.”

Yikes! And we thought the ultimate Cond Nast crime was stealing, er, borrowing a pair of Louboutins from the fashion closet. ABC is also reporting that a “source” has revealed that the culprit works at a “4-16” magazine (read: one that is located on floors 4 through 16 in the Cond Nast building) which includes all of the major fashion titles — Vogue, Lucky, Teen Vogue, and GQ among them.

Could we have the author of The Devil Wears Prada 2 on our hands should he or she get caught? We sure hope so.

Photo: Mario Testino for Vogue Paris

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