@CondeElevator Tweeter Gives Up! But Who Was Behind It?


The new @CondeElevator Twitter has really given the fashion industry something to buzz about, especially during the late-summer lull before Fashion Week begins. Unfortunately for us, the man or woman behind the brilliant account has decided that the media uproar and HR witch hunt aren’t worth the trouble and has called it quits. He or she just tweeted:

138686 1313079608 @CondeElevator Tweeter Gives Up! But Who Was Behind It?

Whoa, that’s #heavy. Everyone from Business Insider to ABC News to Gawker has covered the story, so if the mystery tweeter truly wanted to keep his or her job, throwing in the towel was probably a very wise idea — and hopefully it’s not too late. But who was behind this short-lived Internet phenomenon? Read on to check out our hypotheses, and stay tuned for more dirt on the @CondeElevator tweeter should it arise!

1. Grace Coddington: Sick and tired of living in Anna’s shadow, she wanted to shake things up from her desk at Vogue!

2. Andre Leon Talley: He arguably has the biggest mouth at Cond, and we all know that he loves to share his plentiful opinions.

3. Someone from the Messenger Center: Trust. These guys have some of the most stressful jobs at 4 Times Square. You don’t know the wrath of a fashion editor until a Rodarte sample goes missing, and maybe they’ve been snapped at one too many times.

4. A fashion closet intern: It all looks so glam on the outside, but hours upon hours of steaming and sample trafficking and running errands can turn you mad — and make you want to lash out.

5. Some dude from Wired: He was tired of all of the shallow fashion people bitching all the time. There are more important things in life, people! Like science!

6. A Cond cafeteria worker: He or she was fed up with throwing out so much food everyday and watching the skinniest of editors pick on lettuce leaves when he was slaving over a hot stove cooking gourmet meals. (Side note: If you’ve never eaten in the Cond cafeteria, you should find a way to make it happen. It’s incredible.)

7. Anna Wintour herself: You know what they say — all press is good press. Those ad pages aren’t going to sell themselves!

8. The print team at either Glamour or Lucky: Their circulations are way down, so there’s nothing like a little scandal to provide a quick pick-me-up!