Links to Click: Condé Nast Interns Speak Out, Liam Hemworth Talks Miley, More

Meghan Blalock

Photo Courtesy of New York Post

TGIF, y’all! Today brought us some of the best the Internet has had to offer so far this week. Read on!

1. In light of Condé Nast ceasing its internship program after this summer, a gaggle of the former interns have spoken out against the program. [NY Post]

2. Liam Hemsworth said in a recent interview that Jennifer Lawrence’s presence on the set of “Hunger Games” helped him get through a tough time post-Miley split. [E! Online]

3. Already need to de-stress this holiday season? Here’s 10 ways to make it happen. [Daily Makeover]

4. As it turns out, punk rock princess Patti Smith is a huge fan of “Hunger Games.” Rock on. [Vanity Fair]

5. Is expensive wine really that much better? Here are the top 10 wine myths debunked. [The Vivant]

6. OMG. Here are the 26 most well-executed posed roller coaster photos ever. [Distractify]

7. Your nails can actually be a very good communicator of your general health. Here’s what your nails are trying to tell you. [Beauty High]

8. Widely read music blog Pitchfork is getting a print magazine, called Pitchfork Quarterly. [The Verge]

9. Lana Del Rey will release a short film called “Tropico” on December 5 on Vevo. [StyleCaster Inbox]