Guess Whose Concert Tickets Are the Most Expensive?

Meghan Blalock

For those of us who are avid music lovers and conceretgoers, it’s no secret that there are many alternative avenues through which you can purchase tickets. Sites like StubHub make it relatively easy for people to buy tickets to sold-out concerts, or sell their tickets when they can’t go. Forbes recently released the data on which artists demand the most markups in tickets sold on secondary markets, and the results might surprise you!

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The number one spot (admittedly, there’s no real shock here) goes to Beyoncé, whose tickets for her co-tour with husband Jay Z are currently listed at an average price of $306 each on the secondary market. Second place (here’s where we lifted our brows) goes to Lana Del Rey, whose tickets demand an average of about $270 on the same market.

Now, there’s no surprise inherent in the fact that people love Lana and want to see her shows; but what’s crazy is that this means Lana is ranking higher than huge pop stars like Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Lady Gaga, who fetches an average price of $230 for her currently touring Art Rave show. Katy tops her, demanding an average price of $260.

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This is all truly fascinating, and in conclusion: the ladies of pop need to raise their prices. The profits spawned by secondary ticket sales, as we know all too well, don’t go to the artists, but rather to the individuals who hawk them at insane prices. If the tickets are this in demand, why not raise your prices, ladies? Seems like the only smart thing to do.

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