You NEED This: A Computer Keyboard That Replaces Letters With Emojis

We have a feeling more than a few emails sent from your desktop computer cried out for a smiley face emoji, a thumbs-up, or a pink heart rather than a plain old “haha,” “cool,” or “love you.” Enter Emoji Keyboard, a new Kickstarter project promising to replace all the keys on your Mac with over 150 emojis.

This clever and completely necessary computer accessory incorporates software that pairs each individual key to its respective emoji (amazing), so you can type in regular letters and swap to the icons just like you already do for regular punctuation.

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Admittedly, Emoji might be a passing fad, so it’s good to know that the keyboard isn’t a permanent fixture. Instead, it comes as a silicon cover that can easily be removed when the time eventually (but inevitably) comes.

Surprisingly, the invention has only received $1,828 of its $20,000 funding goal on Kickstarter, so we implore you, dear readers, to get behind this very worthy cause, so we can all own an Emoji Keyboard sooner rather than later.