From Pippa to Paris: Your Comprehensive Guide to Celeb Wardrobe Malfunctions

Spencer Cain
From Pippa to Paris: Your Comprehensive Guide to Celeb Wardrobe Malfunctions
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When becoming a celebrity, there are certain things to expect: Little privacy, faux friends and, of course, wardrobe malfunctions. Clothing mishaps  have been affecting celebrities for what seems like forever, and it seems few are spared. Everyone from party girl Paris Hilton to the typically demure Emma Watson have all dealt with this pressing affliction.

At the Emmys on Sunday night, Sofia Vergara made headlines after tweeting a picture of her Zuhair Murad dress split down the back to reveal her derriere. This got us thinking about celebrity wardrobe malfunctions of years past.

Click through the gallery above for a comprehensive guide to every kind of celebrity wardrobe malfunctions! 

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A Wardrobe Malfunction With a Sense of Humor: We have to love a celeb that can laugh off a serious wardrobe mishap, like Sofia Vergara. At the Emmy Awards, the "Modern Family" star's Zuhair Murad mermaid gown split down her backside 20 minutes before she had to take the stage to accept the award for Best Comedy Series. (Of course, in Sofia's case, she had nothing to be embarrassed about). Instead of freaking, she posted the picture to Twitter with the caption, "I love my life!" A little bit of good humor and everyone's praising her. Now that's a good PR tip!

The Front Row Fashion Week Wardrobe Malfunction: Oh, the many perils of being seated front row at a fashion show. Glamorous and exciting, sure, but who wouldn't be weary of photographers snagging a shot of your undergarments? This happened to last year at the Temperley London show. A royal mess if we've ever heard of one.

Photo: Tim Whitby/Getty Images

An Honest Red Carpet Mistake: When the adorable took the red carpet for the premiere of The Perks Of Being A Wallflower earlier this month, we saw more of Hermione Granger than we were used to. After a swift turn to the right, her breast was exposed. Luckily for her, she had a "nipple daisy" covering it up. She was embarrassed, yes, but quickly gained her composure and greeted her adoring fans. This was truly the Grace Kelly of wardrobe malfunctions -- a class act!

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The Stupid Outfit Wardrobe Malfunction: Yes, several stars have wardrobe malfunctions as a result of bad tailoring, drunken antics or photographers catching them from an unfair angle. But sometimes, people just wear dumb outfits. This was the case for former Cheetah Girl and Rob Kardashian girlfriend , who stepped out in Vegas in a sheer dress that didn't cover, well, anything. Perhaps she thought it was a good idea at home, but once she hit the red carpet, all bets were off. Stupid outfits are an epidemic that have been affecting Hollywood for years now, and it seems no cure is in sight.

A Typical Spanx-ident: Spanx are the best kept secret in Hollywood, but thanks to those pesky paparazzi, the shapewear line has been very visible lately. Stars like Kim Kardashian have been caught with their Spanx slipping below their outfits. Many get embarrassed, but we think everyone should just own it

Photo: Scott Barbour/Getty Images

The Case of Expensive Nip Slips: Back in 2004, Janet Jackson's breast was the most discussed body part in the world, thanks to it's unscheduled appearance during the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show performance with Justin Timberlake. The controversial nip slip gained more than its fair share of negative press, with some even going so far as to proclaim the incident "the downfall of American culture." Although the fines were thrown out earlier this year, the FCC was trying to get the network pay a whopping $550,000.

Photo: None/None

The Classic "Getting Out of the Car" Flash: And here we have the most prevalent type of wardrobe malfunction among young Hollywood. Back in 2008, when the paparazzi caught her exiting her car -- sans undies. While this definitely marked one of the more notorious instances of the paps getting up in somebody's, er, business, we'll go out on a limb and anoint  the queen of the out-of-car peepshow.

An Early Morning Mishap: Nicki Minaj took the stage on "Good Morning America" in August 2011 and — oops! — her nipple popped out of her shirt. As you can see, this psycho ballerina outfit wasn't exactly the most refined, and everyone was in agreement that no one really wants to see a celebrity breast before their morning coffee.

Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

The A-List Awards Show Nip-Slip: At the 2012 Academy Awards, one of the biggest headlines wasn't The Artist winning Best Picture -- it was Jennifer Lopez's nipple popping out of her Zuhair Murad frock. She didn't notice while she was onstage, but chances are, she would have played it off -- we all know she's a pro.

Flashbulb Induced Sheer: Even people with pedigree show a little too much skin sometimes. Such was the case for Alexandra Kerry, whose dress at the Cannes Film Festival back in 2004 revealed way too much. This wasn't her fault -- but the fault of camera flashes, which turned her frock into a whole different kind of dress.

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