From flour-bombing Ryan Seacrest, to dallying around with George Clooney's ex on a yacht, we've officially reached our Sacha Baron Cohen fill.

I Am Completely Over Sacha Baron Cohen & I Hope You Are Too

Spencer Cain

Let me preface this post by stating that I definitely knew about Sacha Baron Cohen before you did. I attended a sleepaway camp where the counselors were all filthy foreign expats who exposed us all to weird pornography, Viz (a British humor magazine characterized by explicit drawings) and Sacha Baron Cohen, who was just becoming super famous back in the UK for his “Ali G” character. By the time Ali G hit the states 5 years later with the release of Da Ali G Show, I rolled my eyes a little bit but was still willing to give the show a shot.

I even willingly sat through his movies Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan and Bruno IN THEATERS. I enjoyed them, I really did — Borat was certainly original and Bruno was amusing if only because it showcased a pilled-out and genuinely confused Paula Abdul acting like a lunatic. Basically, I gave him a chance, but he has officially gone too far and I am completely done.

At this past Oscars, he made a complete fool of himself after flour bombing Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet dressed as the main character Admiral General Shabazz Aladeen from his latest film The Dictator (released today). Dude, that just wasn’t cool at all. Ryan Seacrest’s biggest night of work of the year is the Oscars — and messing up his flawless Burberry tux was damn rude. His latest publicity stunt involved a series of photos with model (a.k.a. George Clooney‘s ex-girlfriend, or something not as nice as girlfriend but I won’t go there) Elisabetta Canalis as they sun on a yacht in Cannes. Honestly, these two are the only people in the world who could make Hotel Du Cap look like Hotel Du Crap. Sorry, I thought of that earlier and had to include it somehow. Obviously, there’s nothing actually wrong with this — but it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

What boggles my mind the most is that Sacha is married to the stunning Isla Fisher. I don’t understand their relationship and how she puts up with his questionable antics. I get that what he does is for publicity and that it’s a part of his job, but I really feel that there’s a line he crosses.

I will not be seeing Sacha’s latest cinematic effort (as if he gives a crap — he’s probably rolling a pool of money right now), and I hope you won’t be either. I can’t support his behavior anymore and I think he needs to go back to his roots of simple comedy without such a grand production scale. Act however you want onstage or on camera, but don’t bring that into real life.

Ugh. On that note, click through the gallery above for the yacht pictures…which are actually sort of funny, but don’t tell him I said that.




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