A Complete Kardashian Style Retrospective

A Complete Kardashian Style Retrospective
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Love ’em or hate ’em, the Kardashians’ style is studied, replicated, copped, copied, and analyzed around the world constantly. Over the past few years, members of the Krew have risen from, say, being Paris Hilton‘s sidekick (hi, Kim) into a squad of highly proficient and smart businesswomen who embody their individual brands. At the helm of those brands, of course, is personal style—and each sister’s nailed down her own aesthetic: Eldest sister Kourtney often opts for what we’ll call rocker-chic-sleek, while Kim has a well-documented affinity for sheer tops and insanely tight bottoms. Khloe—who used to wear, well, who the hell knows—is now a fan of the duster-coat-and-trousers look, while Kendall, a Kardashian by proxy, is obsessed with the model-off-duty routine, and Kylie has perfected the self-conscious-cool L.A. glamour that pretty much everyone on Instagram under the age of 15 is going for these days.

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But if there’s anything we know, it’s that the Kardashians certainly haven’t always been this chic. Allow us to take you on a little wander down memory lane, to a place far, far away, in the land of California, where Keeping Up with the Kardashians was just a rando reality show, the Kardashian sisters were known as socialites, and Kitson was still a thing. Click through to discover what the Kardashians were like before they became what they are today.

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Let’s start with Kim, shall we? Long before there was Kanye West—well, he existed, but definitely not in the same spectrum as Kim—and before, even, Keeping Up with the Kardashians began in all its glory in 2007, this middle Kardashian sister performed such illustrious tasks as organizing Paris Hilton’s closet. We’ll begin in 2005, on this red carpet made all the more stark by that spray tan that Kim and Kourtney are sporting. Eek.

Photo: Wenn

Here’s Kim at at a cocktail party for the launch of Tori Spelling's very cleverly titled book "sTORI Telling" at—wait for it—Kitson in L.A. in 2008. Remember Kitson? Pour one out.

Photo: Getty

Kim wearing leg warmers after a party for Pepsi at a rollerskating rink in L.A. in 2009. (Please note Kelly Osbourne in the background.)

Photo: Wenn

Doing her best imitation of Bjork on the Grammy red carpet in 2009.

Photo: Getty

The body-conscious mom of two wouldn’t be caught dead in such limp clothing (or such a crunchy hat) these days, but in 2009, Kim was happy to wave to the paps while Christmas shopping at Barneys. So—she picked out this outfit for a trip to Barneys. Cool.

Photo: Wenn

A harbinger of what’s to come: Kim steps out at Katsuya in Hollywood in 2010 wearing a dress and shoes that are slightly closer to her look today in that she’s down with anything skintight and absolutely adores strappy heels these days.

Photo: Wenn

Outside her home in a pair of Louboutins and a sexy nurse costume in 2012.

Photo: Wenn

At a “Selfish” book signing in 2015, having fully adapted her newer look of waist-hugging bottoms, sheer tops, and strappy sandals.

Photo: Getty

Now that she’s finally getting invited to the Met Gala, she’s taking full advantage of that couture—and posing with West in the background (in 2015).

Photo: Getty

Another red carpet, another appearance with her husband by her side: This time, Kim showed up at the 2016 MTV VMAs in a casual vintage Galliano she’d had in her closet “forever.”

Photo: Getty

On to the eldest Kardashian sister, Kourtney, who thought it best to wear a sweater dress and a gigantic blue handbag to an outing to Koi in 2008 in L.A. In this shot, she was referred to as a “socialite” by the photo database. Accurate.

Trying out a whimsical look in 2008 in Manhattan.

Pregnant with her first child, Mason, Kourt shops at—you guessed it—Kitson with a clean-shaven (now ex) boyfriend, Scott Disick, in 2009.

In what appear to be actual takeoffs on cargo shorts in Malibu, 2010.

Giving the jeans-to-the-floor trend a spin while shopping in Studio City in 2011.

Trying to match the red carpet at the Sunset Tower Hotel in 2011.

Going with psychic-chic in Miami in 2012.

Her current sleek-and-chic look starts to take hold, as she departs a private event at the unfortunately named Son of a Gun restaurant in 2013.

Khloe appears! At Rockefeller Center in 2016, the sisters look put-together and polished.

At Disick’s 33rd birthday party at 1Oak in Vegas in 2016, going mega flirty.

And now: Khloe. Baaack in the day in 2007, she hit a random red carpet in a dress. That’s all we can really say about this look.

Also in 2007: A belted strapless dress and T-strap platforms at a premiere of The House Bunny in Cali. Why not?

At least she’s consistent: Body-con has always been her favorite, as she proved in 2009.

In happier days: Wearing black body-con (her go-to) and leaving Kardashian favorite Katsuya in Hollywood with Lamar Odom in 2010.

Remember the Kardashian Kollection? Here’s Khloe at a launch party for the line in 2011.

At the SLS Hotel Beverly Hills in 2012, remaining true to her beloved body-con, as she would continue to do for possibly the rest of her life.

Looking stylish with a tiny purse in Sherman Oaks in 2013.

Going Hollywood glam in a way we haven’t seen her try before or since in 2014 at Elton John’s annual Oscar viewing party.

At Disick’s 33rd birthday party in 2016 at 1Oak, wearing a dress made out of latex.

The super-confident Khloe wears yet another painted-on dress in 2016.

We would be remiss if we left out the Jenner sisters, who are not technically Kardashians, but, you know, are definitely Kardashians. Here’s Kendall on what was obviously not her first red carpet, in 2009.

At, for some reason, the book launch of Nomad Two Worlds by Russell James in Sydney, Australia in 2012.

Pounding the mean streets of NYC in 2015.

At the epic Cannes red carpet in 2016, looking sultry.

At the Met Gala in 2016, trying (and failing) to channel her best robot.

Perhaps the most shocking transformation—style or otherwise—of the bunch is Kylie, who looks completely different now in comparison to just six years ago, as she does here in 2010.

Kylie in 2012 in Vegas, wearing an outfit that she has probably since burned.

In 2013 at the Ziegfeld Theater in NYC, looking highly uncomfortable with her outfit choices.

That’s more like it: In 2016, wearing the kind of romantic look she’s known for on the red carpet.

With bleached-blonde hair in 2016, Kylie officially looks nothing like her former self. Transformation complete.

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