Community Trend Watch: Pretty In Peplum

Jessica Rubin

peplum11 Community Trend Watch: Pretty In Peplum

One of the most exciting aspects of fashion, lifestyle, beauty and creative life in general is the constant hunt for the next trend or idea that will influence and evolve the way we go about our daily lives. This constant movement is one of the reasons style — especially when it’s completely original — is so exciting. One of our favorite ways to track trends and predict what will come next is by looking to you, our lovely readers, and what your favorite indulgences and inspirations are. With the launch of the new, staying up to date on what our stylistas are crushing on has never been easier.

This week, it’s all about peplum. From shirts to skirts to dresses, we’ve spotted this pretty trend everywhere from the runway to the red carpet. But now we want to see how you wear it! So whether you’re dressing it down or sprucing it up, share your favorite peplum look with us on your StyleCaster profile!

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