Common Performs for Diesel’s New Scent


This past spring, Diesel released its new scent, Only The Brave— a lemon, leather, cedar and amber blended men’s cologne. Anyone who purchased this new cologne at the New York Macy’s in Herald Square received two vouchers to see Diesel Only The Brave spokesman Common perform at an exclusive concert.

In a press release, Common explains his reasoning for licensing his song “The 6th Sense” to Diesel for the fragrance; “I’ve always thought Diesel was a progressive, fresh brand-it has a classic feel, but pushes the envelope. I wanted to partner with Diesel because that’s really what I’m about too-to be an individual and an artist, it takes both bravery and courage.” It probably took bravery to film the “6th Sense” music video…it’s like the rioting of I am Legend in the background.

Last night, the Grammy winning Common played to the first 500 people who bought Diesel Only The Brave at the converted music venue, Capitale.

The DJ introduced Common with an epic pause as even he was unsure of whether or not Common was truly (finally) taking the stage. Bated breath. Booming introduction. Crowd screaming. And… then! Finally! A chime played as Common took the stage. The chime woosh is not the most powerful introduction instrument but it worked, and then all the women lining the front rows lost their minds. Hands flew up towards the stage as Common ran across high fiving everyone. In short, the concert was intimate indeed, as the show was exclusive to only five hundred people, but the energy put forth by Common and that he received from the audience was overwhelming.




All images by Joey D’Arco