Comme des Garcons Unveils Collaboration with The Beatles


In case you’re an uber Beatles fan, now there’s a way you can pay homage to your favorite bowl-cut wearers without being that freaky girl covered in Beatles buttons, a Beatles t-shirt, and carrying around a Special Edition DVD of Across the Universe. (You know you know people like that…the Beatles make people do crazy things.)

Here is a sneak peek of the handbag line Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcon is releasing with Apple Corps, the company that controls the Beatles legacy. The line will contain 10 pieces, all made of polyurethane and PVC material, and will sell for $530. Cough…kind of a lot for non-leather bags, no?

“Instead of making many unnecessary items that may come to resemble a Beatles souvenir shop, I think it is better to concentrate on one strong idea,” said Kawakubo.

The launch will take place in Tokyo next week, and London November 27. It’s better than Beatles notebooks, rugs, lunchboxes, and manicures to proclaim your band love.

We have a hard time picturing the free-spirited Beatles, or even their ladies, rocking $530 bags with apples on them, but we heart CDG. Ahhh, confusion. Maybe we need some Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds to help us decide?


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