Comfy Outfit Ideas That Are Chic Enough to Wear In Public

Kristen Bousquet
Comfy Outfit Ideas That Are Chic Enough to Wear In Public
Photo: Kristen Bousquet.

It’s just about to be winter, y’all. The means two things: 1. It’s hella cold, so warm outfits are a must, and 2. I am not leaving the house unless I am comfortable AF—I know I’m not alone in this. When you think of comfy outfit ideas, the first thing your mind likely goes to is a hoodie and leggings, right? You’re probably thinking “Kristen, how the heck am I going to leave the house in a hoodie and leggings and not look like I just rolled out of bed after a night of drinking?” Well, luckily, I’ve pulled together all the comfy outfit ideas that you can actually wear in public because I know how important comfort is for us boss babes—especially in the winter.

Believe it or not, staying comfortable while looking put together and fashion-forward is NOT HARD. In fact, it’s actually pretty simple. The idea is to pick one article of clothing that’s cozy as hell, and then try your best to pair that piece with other items that are more classic or professional-looking.

If you’re ready to absolutely kill it this winter while staying hella cozy without having to put hardly any thought into your look, scroll through the looks below. You and your comfortable self can thank us later.

STYLECASTER | Comfy Outfit IdeasLeggings: Lulus | Sweater: Lulus | Boots: Lulus | Hat: writer’s own

Well, this outfit IS leggings and a sweater, but it’s created with pieces that are a bit more acceptable to wear in public (i.e., elevated and chic). Toss on your favorite oversized sweater, pull on a pair of leather leggings for some spice, and girl, you can now leave the house without anyone thinking you look like a hot mess.

Pro tip: A beanie can make this look even edgier (which, for some reason, makes comfy wear more acceptable? Hey, no arguments here).

STYLECASTER | Comfy Outfit IdeasPants: Lulus | Blazer: Lulus | Tee: Lulus | Boots: Lulus

Before everyone chews me out for posting a suit on a comfy clothing styling piece, hear me out. The pants and the blazer are 1. oversized and roomy as hell and 2. velvet, which makes this look work for both a night out on the town and a workday.

You’ll be looking like such a boss, but inside, you’ll be doing your most evil laugh because you really feel like you’re in pajamas.

STYLECASTER | Comfy Outfit Ideas

Sweater: Trendy & Tipsy | Pants: Trendy & Tipsy | Hat: Lack of Color | Boots: Lulus

There’s truly nothing cozier than corduroy in the winter. It’s something about the fuzzy texture of the pants that keep you nice and warm while staying stretchy and comfortable all day long. When you pair it with a sweater this oversized and fuzzy, there’s really nothing more you could ask for in a comfy winter look.

STYLECASTER | Comfy Outfit Ideas

Jacket: Lulus | Sweater: Adika | Pants: Amour Vert | Sneakers: Amour Vert Fanny Pack: Adika | Hat: writer’s own

Sneakers are truly so underrated when it comes to keeping things comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, you can buy a nice pair of boots that are plush and feel like you’re walking on air, but sneakers take comfort to a new level. When you pair them with some ribbed knit joggers, you have a badass look that allows you to get home, take off your jacket, and go straight for the couch without having to change.

STYLECASTER | Comfy Outfit Ideas

Dress: Ever New | Sweater: Lulus | Boots: Lulus | Hat: writer’s own | Bag: Brahmin

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to completely neglect all the beautiful dresses you have hanging in your closet. You just have to make some easy changes to be more realistic with the cooler temperatures—like layering a sweater over top. Some of my coziest pieces are dresses, so you better believe they aren’t going anywhere this winter.

STYLECASTER | Comfy Outfit Ideas

Pants: Missguided | Sweater: LF Stores | Hat: Lack of Color | Shoes: Adika

Vintage crewneck sweaters are truly the only reason I’m at the Salvation Army as often as I am. They are SO incredibly comfortable because they’re baggy and warm. Plus, they add a retro vibe to any look. Now, grab you a pair of baggy satin pants—and just like that, you’re cozy as hell.