Comedy Duo The SRSLY Girls Share Their Secrets To Fearless Comedic Writing


Welcome to our Rule Breakers series, which spotlights five fabulous, gutsy women who are breaking boundaries in their respective fields—from supermodel Chrissy Teigen to designer Cynthia Rowley. Over the next few months, expect career advice, risk-taking tips, and insight on how to be an overall badass. Read more about the series!

All month, we’ve been profiling ground-breaking influencers like comedy-writer duo The SRSLY Girls, and in keeping with our motto, “Style to the People,” we’re thrilled that each amazing woman in our series is also bringing her insight to a rising star in her field. In this case, the SRSLY Girls met with aspiring comedienne duo Black & Yellow, made up of Alex Song and Rachael Pegram, who have begun to pave their way in the female comedy space at NYU.

The SRSLY Girls share some serious wisdom that would help not only these two young female comediennes, but also anyone who is afraid or nervous to take a chance. They discuss the important of being fearless and accepting that things will not be perfect, but that it shouldn’t stop you.  “Things will go wrong, it is never going to go smoothly, but if you commit to doing it, you will learn so much” Fiber shares.  Gibson added that when the girls are taking these risks and putting themselves out there, they are subconsciously growing and improving their craft “You’re making connections without even knowing it.”

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Watch the video above to meet Song and Pegram and learn about how they are taking steps to be confident, risk-taking comediennes and dominate the world of fun female focused web series.

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