Combatting Fall


After 7 years of living in New York City, I think I finally have my winter wardrobe down. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a west coast girl at heart. Winter to me just meant that I had to wear a wetsuit to go surfing. Maybe booties. Needless to say, I am never quite prepared for the brutal East coast temps. The worst is arriving back to New York from my Cali holiday. It’s a mind trick to spend Christmas day at the beach basking in the sun only to be back in arctic weather a few days later (life is so unfair).

This fall, I am going to be prepared. I am reaching way back and pulling inspiration from the East Village, circa the early 90s. Or, in my real life case, Gwen Stefani circa “Don’t Speak.” I am reliving my combat boots era but instead of Docs, I will don these perfectly-worn military boots from All Saints. They are perfect for toughening up my dresses and winterizing my lightweight pieces. I want to be a bit romantic, a bit military. I also want to stomp through the city and still look chic.

Tell me about your inspiration to shop for your fall wardrobe.