Colorful Home Decor Ideas to Combat the Winter Blues


Winter has its ups and downs. During the holiday season, everything looks like a Christmas card and there’s a festive air all around. But after January 1st, the holiday cheer that distracted you from the harsh cold weather, dim lighting, and the fact that it gets dark out at 3 pm in the afternoon, inevitably vanishes. Everything seems a little more depressing this time of year. Luckily, there is a way out of the winter blues. While outside it may be cold and dark, you have all the capabilities to make the inside of your home warm and bright, and most importantly, happy.

Here are some home-decorating ideas to combat the winter blues.

1. Tier Cascade Faux Chandelier, $58, at (above):

Combat the low winter lighting outside with a little light of your own. Funk it up a little bit with this chandelier, offering you added light to your living space past the early afternoon. Plus, it’s a great accent piece to any room.

2. Wildfield Quilt, $168-228, at

Nothing is better than curling up with your favorite blanket. While it will obviously keep you warm, there is no reason that it can’t cheer you up at the same time. Try this brightly colored, Wildfield quilt to help you stay cheery, especially when attempting to battle the snooze button on your alarm clock.

3. Lucy’s Pillows Retro Striped Zig Zag Pillow, $34.99, at
It’s always a good idea to surround yourself with bright colors when combating seasonal depression. This bright pillow with retro detailing is perfect for doing just that.

4. Ceramic Platter with Chalk Board Center (2), $99, at

These decorative items are less about the piece itself, and more about what you choose to do with them. Take advantage of this writing space to jot down upbeat messages from friends or loved ones and sentimental reminders of the better things in life. Inspirational words are the most effective way to brighten up your day and home.

5. Orchids in Oval Black Container, $14.99, at

Who doesn’t love flowers? If anything, it reminds you that spring will eventually come, and along with it, better weather.

6. Bay Leaf Wreath, $29.95-$59.95, at

With a hint of holiday sentiment and the herbal scent of bay leaf, this wreath adds that homey, comforting feeling to even the most dismal of spaces.

7. Westport Glass Hurricane Collection, $25-$129, at
Candles offer a warm glow to any room and they create a calming, positive atmosphere. Putting them in these glass containers gives them major decorative appeal.