25 Real Brides Who Bucked Tradition With Colored Wedding Dresses

Kristen Bousquet
25 Real Brides Who Bucked Tradition With Colored Wedding Dresses
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Not so long ago, all brides were required to basically look exactly the same with a pouffy white dress and a long vail. Today’s brides, however, are less concerned with fitting a mold of what they’re supposed to look like on their big day, and more focused on finding a look that accurately reflects their personal style. In many cases, this includes steering away from traditional white and going with colored wedding dresses.

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It’s not as crazy as it sounds: During the last few years, we’ve seen a handful of celebrity brides walk down the aisle in bold dresses. Jessica Biel wed Justin Timberlake in a pink Giambattisa Valli gown, During actress Amber Tamblyn married “Arrested Development” funnyman David Cross in a chic marigold dress, while former “90210” star Shenae Grimes walked got hitched in a black Vera Wang.  And who could forget Gwen Stefani‘s pink and white ombré gown?

Here, we’ve compiled 25 real brides who also chose to buck tradition by choosing to wed in colored dresses, from black and red to bold prints. Read to see how amazingly chic they looked!