A Collection Of Milanese Street Style

Jessica Rubin
A Collection Of Milanese Street Style
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Fashion month is great not just for scoping out the trends on the runway, but for tracking the wonderful and off-beat ensembles flooding the streets. The fashion glitterati have left London and moved on to Milan, taking their unique style with them. Our go-to Milanese fashionista Silvia Bergomi, freelance stylist, snapped some great pics of models, fashion editors, and stylists in their natural fashion week habitat. Cue wedges, leather, and oversized sunnies.

With Gucci celebrating their 90th anniversary and opening a museum in Florence, we thought we’d celebrate the iconic Italian brand with our favorite pics from Milan Fashion Week. Click through to see how Milan’s stylistas are interpreting high fashion for the street.

Make sure you check out Part 1 of our Milan Fashion Week shots taken by Mr. Newton!

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