5 Things To Know About Colin Jost, SNL’s New Weekend Update Host

Julie Gerstein

Now that Seth Myers has gone on to bigger things (tears!), the “Saturday Night Live” Weekend Update desk is looking a bit sparse, with only newbie Cecily Strong left to cover the news. That’s about to change, as relative unknown Colin Jost’s been hired to fill Myers’ big shoes.

His first appearance will be on the March 4, episode, but he’s actually been working behind the scenes for a long time, and he’s currently the show’s head writer (much like both Myers and Tina Fey when they assumed the anchor position.) That’s not the only reason you should know about Jost though. Below, here are 5 facts about the new “Weekend Update” host.

Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

1. He has a famous girlfriend.
Jost is currently dating “Parks and Recreation” star and all-around cool girl Rashida Jones. The two actually met at Myers’ wedding last summer, so Jost now has a couple of reasons to thank Myers, eh?

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2. He’s very Ivy educated.
Jost is a Harvard guy! He studied the History and Literature of Russia and Britain, which sounds like crazy comedy fun times.

3. He wrote a feature-length film about growing up on Staten Island.
It’s called “Staten Island Summer,” and it stars Gina Gershon, Ashley Greene, Kate Walsh, Jim Gaffifan, and Bobby Moynihan. It’s about a kid who works as a lifeguard the summer after high school—typical coming-of-age stuff, but we’re sure it’s probably pretty funny.

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4. This is his idea of the perfect joke:
“One tbsp. current events; 1/2 cup structure; 8 oz. white-guy dancing; 1/2 tbsp. freshly ground Bieber paternity test; Osama bin Laden to taste; garnish with “This guy knows what I’m talkin’ about!” as told to the New York Times magazine. 

5. His twitter (@TheColinJost) is, not surprisingly, very funny.

Here he is at work:

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