This Is How Cole Sprouse Feels About A ‘Suite Life’ Reboot—Thanks For Asking

Aramide Tinubu
Cole Sprouse
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Listen, we get that Hollywood is obsessed with remakes and reboots, but everyone isn’t so eager to jump on the bandwagon. Cole Sprouse’s reaction to a Suite Life reboot says it all. Honestly, the Riverdale actor doesn’t sound all that enthused. Though he’s super grateful for his Disney roots–Cole confirmed that neither he nor his twin brother, Dylan are willing to return to The Suite Life at this point in their careers.

In a recent interview with Variety– Cole got candid about what the series meant for him and his brother. He called The Suite Life and its spin-off, The Suite Life On Deck, “the golden ticket.” He explained, “At the time, being the leads of a sitcom as kids was the most stable job we could think about in the industry. In terms of technical acting, it’s only 30 minutes long. My brother and I were really thankful for it.”

However, Cole also went on to explain why a return to the series wouldn’t be right for himself or his twin. “The whole kitschy twin thing, I don’t think that really sells anymore,” he explained. “It’s about feeling passionate for acting again. If it’s a cool project, I don’t have a problem with that.”

Thankfully, Cole doesn’t plan on vanishing from our TV screens anytime soon. He’s gearing up to return to Riverdale as Jughead for Season 4. When he snagged the role on the hit CW series, had just graduated from New York University with a degree in archaeology. “I was bagging artifacts. And I got a call from my manager, who begged me to come back and audition for pilot season,” he told Variety. He explained to his manager, “If I don’t book anything, then I’m not going to do this anymore. And I gave her my word that if I did book something, I’d see it through. I booked Riverdale, and it ended up tugging me back.”

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