Cold Remedies: The Best Products to Prevent One Before It Starts


It is that time of the year where colds are being passed around frequently, to a scary extent. Although it may not seem possible, there are ways to keep your immune system strong and healthy and to make sure you aren’t stuck in bed feeling miserable. Read below for some of the best cold-preventing products.

1. Purell

This hand sanitizer is a lifesaver. You should have a stash of it everywhere you go, including by your bed, in your purse, and at your office desk. This is not to encourage becoming a germaphobe, however, you can never be too prepared (especially if you take public transportation on a daily basis). For those who lose small objects easily, purse/key rings are available for purchase at your local drug store.

Purell instant hand sanitizer, $4.49, at


2. Vitamin C

Taking Vitamin C tablets is one of the best ways to prevent/fend off a cold. If you aren’t a fan of taking pills, this vitamin can also be found in oranges (or orange juice), kiwis, strawberries, broccoli, and peppers. Not only will it keep you healthy, but it also prevents wrinkles, helps your eyesight and lowers your risk for cancer. Another product containing a sufficient amount of Vitamin C is Emergen-C, which comes in a range of flavors, including Apricot-Mango, Cherry-Pomegranate, and Pink Lemonade. This health and energy booster can be found at any drugstore or supermarket.

Emergen-C, $10.99, at


3. Humidifier

Infants are not the only ones who need this clever device to keep their health in check. The air becomes super dry during the winter, making us more prone to getting sore throats and coughs. Humidifiers basically replace the moisture that is taken from heating units, making it easier to breathe at night. Target has a variety of humidifiers ranging from $29-$70.

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4. Airborne

This supplement is full of great compounds for your body that we tend to overlook in our daily diet. It contains a blend of ginger, zinc, echinacea, amino acids, and Vitamins A, C, and E, among other things. Airborne is a product devoted to building up our immune system.

Airborne, $5.99, at


5. Neti Pot

Who would have thought that an object resembling Aladdin’s genie bottle could help prevent a cold? This hygiene practice, which started in India, helps to alleviate any sinus-related problems. Just fill the ceramic pot with warm water and salt, tilt your head, place the sprout by your nose and pour the saline solution into your nostril. All of your congestion problems will vanish.

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