J. Colby Smith

J Colby Smith Style Profile

@jcolbysmith (Photo: Melodie Jeng)

During his tenure at the downtown tattoo hotspot New York Adorned, J. Colby Smith has built up a cult following that includes some of the city’s most stylish folks. When he isn’t piercing top models and editors, he’s busy designing for them, creating rose-gold necklaces and 14K-gold septum chains under his 108 jewelry label.

As for his own look, he keeps it pretty simple, generally sticking to great denim pieces and plaid button-up shirts. All the better for showing off his aggregation of body-covering tattoos and piercings.

What inspires your style?
A combination of not letting go of my childhood angst and trying to age gracefully. I’d call it “sporty grunge.”

When did you get your first piercing? What was it?
I was 13, and it was my tongue.

What piece of clothing or accessory do you never leave home without?
My Uniform Wares watch. Living in such a technical age, I love the idea of analog and the sophistication of a timepiece. So simple yet so complicated, which is the perfect metaphor for myself.    

Where do you find the best style in the city?
Nolita—everyone looks exclusive. 

What are some of your favorite stores and restaurants in the city?
By Chloe is a new vegan restaurant in the West Village that’s amazing. For shopping, I like Bird, Love Adorned, and Gentry