Coffee Break Catch-Up: Kate Middleton’s Official Portrait, $2,000 Pasta Really Exists, More

Perrie Samotin

kate12 Coffee Break Catch Up: Kate Middletons Official Portrait, $2,000 Pasta Really Exists, More

What better way to take a mid-morning break than with a handful must-click talking points from around the web, curated by us? Read on for stories you should know now! 

1. The official portrait of Kate Middleton has officially been unveiled and she looks … tired? [ABC News]

2. Marc Jacobs said it was his shrink who helped him decide to forgo the Dior gig. [Fashionista]

3. What your bag-holding style says about you. [Refinery 29]

4. AllSaints takes a page from J. Crew’s playbook and taps real influencers for its Spring 2013 campaign. [Elle]

5. Tina Fey has high hopes for a wardrobe malfunction at the Golden Globes on Sunday. [People]

6. So, a New York restaurant is serving a pasta dish that costs $2,103. Yes, lobster, truffles and gold are involved. [The Vivant]