Cody Simpson & Miley Cyrus Might Be Moving In Together–That Was Fast

Miley Cyrus
Photo: Shutterstock.

Nobody’s so sure why these two pop stars seem so pressed for time—you know, what with their speedy courtship and all. But in what’s the latest race toward relationship milestones, this Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus moving in together clue has us truly surprised. Already, y’all? Take a breather, go on a walk, make up with your exes—anything but rush moving in together. We all know that never ends well!

Yesterday, 22-year-old Cody Simpson took to Instagram Stories, where he posted an elusive photo with the note “move-in day.” While Simpson didn’t explicitly state that he was moving in with Miley, you can’t blame us for already assuming. After all, these two have been doing the most for the past two weeks—and all of it seems to be playing out on the Instagram stage. For example, Miley announced that Cody was her “boyfriend” when she was on a posting spree at the hospital, and only days later, we had to witness this video of Miley and Cody touching tongues. Since then, Cody’s been teasing new music on IG and we definitely think it’s all about Miley. It’s not so far fetched to think that moving in together is just the latest announcement to come—but that doesn’t mean it’s good news.

We’re just a little concerned for Miley especially, who’s already had a whirlwind couple of weeks. She and her hubby Liam Hemsworth divorced back at the end of August, and by September, she began and ended a relationship with Kaitlynn Carter. Now she’s smitten with her new Australian beau, but it would be heartbreaking to watch another relationship end for her so soon.

Hopefully, we have nothing to worry about. After all, it looks like Cody and Miley have a longer history as friends, according to Simpson’s manager. He told People recently, “Though they originally met during their own wilder phases, they’re both sober now and are focused on health, work, and spending time together.” Let’s hope it stays that way.