Coconut Records for Your Summer Song


Any Fun – Coconut Records – Music Video

The kickoff to a truly epic summer calls for a few things; durable but awesome sunglasses, those red, white, and blue popsicles, and a song to keep on repeat all the way to September.

Jason Swartzman’s pet project Coconut Records recently released the video to accompany their single “Any Fun,” and it pretty much makes you wish you had either Swartzman to make out with or Chloe Sevigny’s beach-perfect hair (she makes a cameo as the quintessential hipster-indie girl). The sartorial choices are great for inspiration as well, since Sevigny wears a stoner hippie sweater you probably bought at some point in the ‘90s.

The video is in black and white, recalling old home movies, and the sweet tune is a great background song for any bonfire/road trip/skateboard session. If you’ve never heard Coconut Records, check out “West Coast,” or “Nighttiming,” and you have yourself the perfect summer music cocktail.