Coco Rocha’s Tip on How to Speak Your Mind at Work

Meghan Blalock

If there’s one thing Coco Rocha is known for—aside from her wildly successful career and her stunning good looks, of course–it’s for being a very outspoken member of the fashion community. While many models are more than content to hit the runway or the pages of a fashion magazine and do little else, Coco has long been opinionated about important aspects of models’ rights.

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So, when we spotted Coco on the red carpet at Ray-Ban’s District 1937 party in New York, where the sunglasses brand launched their new multi-material shades for the summer, we had to pick her brain on how professional women everywhere can grow the confidence and courage to speak their mind like Coco.

“Early on, I just decided that I wanted to stand for something in the industry. I love this industry, if I didn’t, I would not be here; and I wanted to be able to change a few things here or there if I could,” Coco told StyleCaster. “For women who are nervous to speak out or don’t trust that they can do it, honestly it just takes a few tries and you start to realize it’s not that hard. Anyone nowadays can have a voice–you just need Twitter and Instagram. I think women just have to trust they can actually do it.”

Hear, hear! Do it once, do it again, make it a habit, and suddenly it becomes your lifestyle.

Ray-Ban Celebrates District 1937 Featuring Blondie and MS MR - Inside

Photo: Courtesy of Ray-Ban

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