Coco Rocha Is Taking Anti-Photoshop Stance for New Ads

Kerry Pieri

Maje model Coco Rocha took to her Tumblr to tell Coco fans about her new plan:

“Photoshop use amongst professionals ranges from mild blemish removal to the complete rebuilding of human anatomy. Weve seen it used well and we have certainly seen it used badly (for example, on 99% of all DVD covers). Im excited to be able to announce that Jacob, the Canadian fashion brand, has asked me to be the face of their fall 2011 campaign with their new no retouching policy. Bold move? Lasting trend? Stay tuned for the results.”

Coco’s asking the hard hitting questions about it. It is bold, but it can also be seen as your everyday marketing stunt. Non-Photoshopped images will never be the norm because it’s too newsworthy when it’s not utilized. I’ve never even heard of Jacob “the Canadian fashion brand” until now, so it’s evidently working.

With that said, if anyone could handle going un-retouched it’s Coco.

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