Cocaine and Tranquilizers Found in Alexander McQueen Suicide Case

Bee Shyuan

Fashion photographer Steven Klein and Alexander Lee McQueen. Photo:

The story that had the fashion world in shock and then mourning has finally come to a close.

London coroner Dr. Paul Knapman announced Wednesday his final verdict on the pending suicide case. Knapman found that Alexander McQueen “killed himself while the balance of his mind was disturbed, and emphasized that the designer had a history of depression and anxiety, and was grieving for his mother,” reported WWD.

The tragic suicide that found McQueen hanging in his London home in February of this year was helped along by what Knapman said was a “significant level of cocaine” and a cocktail of pills and tranquilizers.

Now that the coroner’s verdict is final, the inquest into the cause of death is resolved and finally may he R.I.P.

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