The Cobra Snake In Danger of Losing His Job Thanks To Robot?

Summer K

They’re fixtures at every hip event, skulking around in the corners as they snap away, documenting every veiled nuance between guest and host. Yes, we love us some cool party photographers like the infamous Mark the Cobrasnake and Nicky Digital, but both could soon prove obsolete thanks to (wait for it) EDDIE the robot.

EDDIE (short for Expandable Development Discs for Innovation and Experimentation) is the brainchild of Microsoft, and is designed to cruise the room like a veritable Roomba-crazed roborazzi, taking pics of various party guests. According to, EDDIE uses special sonar to ensure that it doesn’t bump into anything and a skeletal tracking system so it can zero in on people’s faces for the perfect head shot.

While we’re not sure how this would play out with the downtown crowd (I mean, can we really trust a photog who doesn’t run with underage models and an extended hipster entourage?), color us intrigued either way. Besides, given you can now download the software to create your own Frankenphotographer, it’s only a matter of time before some slacker brainiac in Brooklyn decides to unleash one on a bunch of unsuspecting guests at the Boom Boom Room.

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