7 Easy Coachella-Themed DIY Projects from YouTube

Kristen Bousquet

Whether you’re heading to Coachella this weekend or just dreaming of being there, here are 7 killer festival-themed DIY projects that’ll get you in the spirit.

1. DIY Music Festival Party
If you can’t make it to Cali for the festival, you’ll love this DIY that’ll instruct you how to throw your own music festival party—teepee and all. Of course, this YouTuber also shares some serious outfit inspiration, too.


2. DIY Coachella-Inspired Headpiece
You’ve probably seen a ton of people wearing headpieces to Coachella and—believe it or not—they’re not all floral. For something more simple, try this chain headpiece.


3. DIY Summer Festival Nail Art and Tattoos
Cool accessories are a must at Coachella and we’re loving this summer festival nail tutorial that shows you how to achieve an Aztec print, as well as how to rock some fake tats.


4. DIY Flower Sunglasses
For a unique way to rock flowers, try this fun DIY project.


5. DIY Flower Crown
We couldn’t make this guide and not include a flower crown.


6. DIY Fanny Pack
You’ll definitely want to be hands-free at the festival so a fanny pack is the way to go.


7. DIY Jean Shorts

It’s not Coachella without of these, guys.

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