Coachella Made Everyone Really Sick, According to Social Media

Meghan Blalock

As is the custom whenever there’s a major music festival, Instagram and Twitter were flooded over the weekend with photos and commentary from Coachella attendees. Everything from shots of the now-iconic ferris wheel to observations of how amazing Outkast’s reunion performance was hit the proverbial airwaves of the Internet. And now, the aftermath: Coachella, apparently, made everyone really, really sick.

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And we don’t mean “sick” in the colloquial sense—”Skrillex’s set was so sick it was stupid” sort of thing—we mean it in quite the literal sense. Over the past couple of days, our social media feeds have been overtaken by people who, after a wild weekend at  Coachella, have fallen ill with the flu, a nasty cold, or some other illness that has left them largely bedridden and forced to subsist on Tylenol Cold and Advil. (Hell, even super-woman Lorde caught a cold after her performance.)

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Below, a smattering of some of our favorite social media posts from across the country, of concert-goers currently battling Coachella-itis. May the force be with them, and may the recuperate speedily!