7 Amazing Moments from Coachella 2014: Weekend 1

Meghan Blalock

As everyone in the world knows (have you seen your Instagram feed lately?), the Coachella music festival is currently underway in Indio, California. It kicked off Friday night with the much-anticipated reunion concert of Outkast, and the rest of the weekend featured a predictable slew of celebrity appearances and jaw-dropping musical acts.

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With all the events happening on so many stages, it was tough to keep track, but lucky for you, we did keep track. From the pulse-pounding opening of Outkast’s first performance together since 2003 to the heart-fluttering moment when Beyoncé joined her sister Solange on stage during her set, we kept a close eye on the weekend goings on—and rounded ’em all up so you can experience them for yourself! Read on for the seven best moments from the first weekend.

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1. Beyoncé came on stage during sister Solange’s hit song “Losing You.”

The way they hug each other at the end is literally everything, and if you disagree then we just don’t want to be friends with you anymore.

2. The reunion of Outkast.

Undoubtedly the most talked-about moment at Coachella 2014 is the headliners that opened the festival Friday night: the reunion of Atlanta-based rap duo Outkast, who haven’t performed together since 2003.

3. Gwen Stefani performed “Hollaback Girl” with Pharrell during his set.

“The name of my album is ‘Girl,’ and there’s only one rad, badass, incredible girl in the whole wide world,” Pharrell said to introduce Gwen. We could not agree more. Fast forward to 37:20 to see her performance.

4. Jay Z came on stage with Nas.

Sure, Pharrell may have brought out approximately 35 people—Gwen, Nelly, and Busta Rhymes, to name a few—but there was no guest star as epic as Jay Z teaming up with rapper Nas. Nas also brought out Diddy, but whenever Jay Z takes the stage at Coachella people take a beat and pay attention.

5. “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul photobombed a random couple.
It’s no secret that celebrities are crawling all over the place at Coachella, but rare is the occasion when one photobombs you. Best concert selfie ever?

aaron paul photobomb

Photo: Reddit

7. The Jenner sisters wore some ridiculous outfits.
Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Kendall has a very large and bizarre ring in her nose, and Kylie is wearing a flower crown and holding a popsicle. Enough said.