C’mon Barbie, Let’s Go Party


Jay-Z may have 99 problems… but a business strategy that involves Barbies and his urban clothing line Rocawear apparently ain’t one of them.

That’s right; HOV (A.K.A. H-to-the-O-V) is putting down his mic for a sec, brushing a shoulder or two off, and teaming up with Mattel to try his hand at empowering little girls and improving their fashion sense with his own line of RocaWear-clad Barbies.

It’s definitely a nice message for kids of all races to have a choice on who to fill their Dream Houses and Corvettes with (not everyone wants to play with a blond-haired blue-eyed babe; nothing personal, Barb). Who would have thought the dude who was “Big Pimpin'” just a few years ago would be such a feminist? Show of hands: Who’s going to buy their favorite thug a Roca-Wear Ken Doll? This girl!


On a side note: do they all sort of look like Beyonce? Where are the Thierry Mugler outfit options?