Links to Click: Fashion Insiders’ Incredible Closets, The Best Superbowl Ads, More

Becca Endicott

jenna lyons

Happy Monday! Here’s some prime clickage to start your week off right.

1. Ready for some serious fashion envy? Peek inside the closets of fashion insiders like Jenna Lyons and Anna Della Russo. [The Vivant]

2. Tales from the front lines of love and real estate. [Elle]

3. If you were too caught up in that suspenseful (ha!) Superbowl, here are the best ads of the night. [Buzzfeed]

4. Important for Round 8 million of the #PolarVortex:¬†lipstick that won’t dry out your lips [Beauty High]

5. Vogue says it’s okay to buy cheap shampoo. Phew. [Vogue]

6. Fall in love with these new products launching in February. [Daily Makeover]

7. Fashion Week essentials, as told by top models. []

8. Remember that xoJane fat-shaming yoga article? Read this awesome pro-women rebuttal at The Cut [The Cut]